“Business Plan Part Iii – Business Initiative and Technology”

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Lykia Jones

Assignment 3: “Business Plan Part III – Business Initiative and Technology”

Bus510 Entrepreneurship & Innovation

September 1, 2013

Analyze the options available for producing the product or service and evaluate which of the options you can take to streamline operations
Each organization has many options to consider when it comes to producing their product or service. TalentSrch supplies their customers with onsite and offsite recruitment services. In order to produce this service it is very necessary for them to consider internal and external labor and the quality of the service that they provide.
Internal and external labor is important to the life of any company. TalentSrch is a small organization that
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Some of these candidates are active in their search while others are passive. The strength of having this internal tool is that it sets them apart from the competition and also provides their clients with candidates that are not reachable by traditional recruitment methods. Having these tools is the strongest and fastest way for TalentSrch to provide their clients with quality personnel. This processes is streamlined internally b insuring that all candidates are documented appropriately in the system. Notes are made regarding each conversation so that recruiters are able to have a quick view of what the potential candidate is seeking in terms of salary requirements, ideal locations, employment status, citizenship and clearance statuses. This information is necessary because it allows the TalentSrch recruiters to quickly identify candidates that met their various client requirements.
Both labor and online recruitment materials are important things to consider when providing the TalentSrch recruitment services. Without a strong highly skilled staff and effective technology the company would not be able to reach its goals. It would also have a hard time competing with its competition on the marketplace.

Determine how the product or service will meet consumer needs.
TalenSrch’s recruitment service meets the customers’ needs on multiple levels. TalentSrch strives to offer recruitment solutions that save their customers time, money and assists them in building


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