Consensual Relationship

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Abstract Consensual Relationship Agreements at the work place rules and regulations should be strictly enforced in the offices. Consensual Relationship Agreement refers to the romance relationships between employees at the work place. Great deals of individuals have opinions about consensual relationships agreements. My opinion is that the agreement should be signed by every employee and this procedure would be more effective for the organizational and employee. This study is conducted based on the hypothetical research and subordinate sources of data. (Her Campus, 2013)

Consensual Relationship Agreement Arguments:
Consensual Relationship Agreements policies and regulations are very important to have in a workplace. The case in
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Counter Argument – Consensual Relationship Agreement:
Consensual Relationship Agreements develops into dating or even marring. The Vault Blog Survey conducted in 2010 found that about 59% of employees were found to be involved in the romance relationship with other employees at work place.

Counter Argument -Employees’ Dating:
Office romance relationships are common; as a result, employers have various motives to be concern with the dating of employees at work place. For this reason, employees are fearful of the lawsuits against sexual harassments which may be filed by employees. Also, the law prohibits sexual harassments which may discourage other employees. As a result, participants who are involved in consensual relationships never prove sexual harassment. To avoid breaking this law, employees consider office romance consensual. (Losee and Olen)

Ethical Principles: Consensual Relationship Agreement includes mainly the employer’s policies. An organization employers policies states the employees must know if they violate the policies on Consensual Relationship Agreement. Employees also can discuss amongst themselves and management how they who develop the policies on this issue. This discussion allows everyone to voice his or her opinion and can establish a foundation were all employees are comfortable with the policy. Establishing policies in this format will assist employers and the managers in avoiding the laws suits and employee issues in the


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