Justification of a Scheme of Work

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Justification of Scheme of Work
A scheme of work is the overall programme of study. It may last for example, one week, ten weeks, or two years. It is merely a breakdown of the whole programme into smaller chunks based on your frequency of your meetings with learners. (Wilson Practical Teaching 2008 p68)
The selection and sequencing of topics reflect on the 6218 curriculum set by the awarding body, the curriculum is a Basic Construction Skills course built around various practical tasks for which there are unit credits attached to obtain the qualification.
I first begin with easier tasks leading up to more advanced tasks as the course progresses. This theory is reflected in Bloom's Taxonomy which is a classification of learning
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The world of education was very exercised by the forerunner of differentiation which was referred to as ‘mixed ability teaching’. It was soon realised it was not just ability that could be “mixed’’ and that teachers had to cope with a wide range of differences: learning style, motivation, age, prior learning and experience, gender, specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, and so on. Consequently the term ‘mixed ability’ has been replaced by the term: ‘differentiation’.
Differentiation is shown within the scheme of work by using different methods of assessing learners regarding different learning styles. Assessing learners using differentiation methods must be done to ensure that equality is ensured. Physically assessing brickwork is the most common form of assessing which I undertake, this appeals to the kinesthetic learners as it is a hands on approach towards their work. Questions and answers are also used to ensure underpinning knowledge is being understood, this would appeal to the auditory learners on top of the physical assessment.
To round all three off I use written feedback in the learner’s handbooks expressing positive feedback and also pointing out areas where they need development and improvement. These handbooks also include what we call a phase test. This is an end of year practical test which covers the hand skills part of their qualification. The paperwork is put together with the end of year


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