Dpe and Goal Instruction

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Diagnostic/Prescriptive/Evaluative (DPE) process is a type of instruction according to Thomas (1996) that helps students with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) accomplish the best chance of success and independence, when accompanied with life goal planning, and goal instructional analysis (GIA), which is a fundamental part of the DPE teaching. The DPE process takes lesson planning, breaks down instruction into manageable segments specialized for the individual student, which provide the necessary educational flexibility to ensure successful outcomes. The first step of this process is to diagnose the student’s skill level along with his/her strengths and weaknesses, and then devise or prescribe a lesson path, where student progress can be …show more content…

The first step for successful goal instruction starts with the “target task”, and then if necessary can be divided into smaller subtasks, which includes all goals, short and long-term, where each subtask is more difficult than the last, and all subtasks are delivered in a well-organized sequential manner. The theory behind this is that if each goal instruction subtasks difficulty level is increased, then also will the student’s ability increase (Thomas, 1996).
The ultimate goal for all students, especially those with ID is to successfully develop their sense of independence, and see them solve real life problems. This occurs when the student is aware of the possible problems that may arise and is proactive in avoiding or solving those problems. This is one of the significant aspects of DPE teaching, in that it reminds the special education team, including parents that it is imperative that students with ID continue in their growth toward independence. Helping students with ID attain independence and achieve success is accomplished through DPE teaching and individual life goal planning, according to Thomas (1996), and given that the limitations associated with ID are numerous, a curriculum is required to be adaptable for each student’s individual situation and needs.
It would be easy to confuse an IEP with the DPE approach, but it should be


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