EDA 577 Develop Goals

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Cindy Maldonado
January 21, 2015
Develop Goals
EDA 577
Grand Canyon University

Develop Goals As the course of weeks of planning have interpose realizing a campus improvement plan is an essential item for any growth of a learning environment. Modifying our processes, teaching practices and student learning is vital to notice in order to make our action plan become successful. We must not forget the fact that our action plan is intertwined with the vision and mission set up by the administration team for the campus. Following this will be a chart as a draft of a school improvement plan based on the data acquired from Del Castillo Elementary. It includes a summary of the feedback and goals set by my principal mentor and
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4) Do you prefer for classroom teachers to teach to test or have enviroment rich activities?
5) Do you believe standardized testing creates a negative impact on your child?
6) If a teacher does not have a good percentage of students passing the STAAR test, would you judge that teacher as a “bad” teacher?
7) How many years have your children attended Del Castillo Elementary?
8) Are you satisfied with the kind of motivation the campus promotes to your child to motivate them to pass the STAAR test?
9) How many of your children attend Del Castillo Elementary?
10) Are the STAAR scores important for you?
11) What do you consider more important your child’s STAAR scores or report card grades?

Figure 2.3
Teacher Questionnaire
Purpose: Promote motivation within teachers to increase passing percentages.
1) What is your position at Del Castillo Elementary?
2) How many years have you been teaching in this campus?
3) Would you prefer to work a private school campus that does not require students to take a state mandated standardized test?
4) What do you think should be the student to teacher ratio for the testing grade levels?
5) What kind of motivation rewards should be offered to students that meet the standards on benchmarks and on the STAAR test?
6) Are the resources provided useful to your instruction to teach all TEKS tested in your grade level?
7) What supplemental aids should be provided on a yearly basis to increase the percentage of students passing the