The British Airways Strikes Effects on Employee Motivation

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The British Airways Strikes Effects On Employee Motivation

British Airways is one of the leading airline company in Europe, nevertheless in the last few years it has financial problems, talks begin between British Airways and the Unite (Britain’s biggest union) from January of 2009 to solve the problem. At the beginning, the relationship between the two parties was composed, but the milestone was in 2009 October, when the British Airways stated that they are going to cut the staff on long-haul airlines, and from 2010 they freeze the payment of the cabin crew for two years. In December, the majority of British Airways employees decided on strike actions for 12 days, during Christmas time. It was a critical date, because
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Of course, they do it, because they do not have other choice. But the unite could not express its anger when they heard about this request, with the fact that the boss Willie Walsh earns 100.000 pounds per month (CNN 2010).

How British Airways tries to motivate its employees
The management of British Airways has already recognised that because of the disputes the employee motivation is suffering. According to British Airways annual report and accounts 2009/10, they try to solve the problem. First they have to find a way against conflict and motivate their employees. I’ve already mentioned how serious is this situation and how many people is effected because of it. As they stated, they know that their business is multicultural and that is why they need to find more ways to help everybody within the company.
The three most powerful way to motivate employees is focusing on employee relations, rewarding and training. First of all, British Airways focuses on training and development. In the last year 2009/2010, the days of training were raised by almost 50%. This high number of training means that the airline company still puts an effort on high quality of costumer service. This allows people to develop themselves and reach new goals. Another way to motivate people is to tell them, what is happening within the company. According to a survey more than half of British Airways’staff think that they are well informed about British Airways, this survey shows that more


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