I.T Governance

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The article “IT Governance and Its Mechanisms” basically explains IT governance and the relationship of IT Governance with enterprise governance. IT governance basically refers to organisational and leadership structures, relationship and process mechanisms and how these aspects are used to ensure the organisation IT strategy supports and maintains the underlying business strategy of the organisation. To better understand IT governance the governance framework can be used. This framework contains processes, relationship mechanisms and supporting structures to help governance be attained in operation. It Terms of the Dentdel case study, many of the key principles such as key governance questions, structures and processes and maturity …show more content…

Such a committee would have been very helpful for Dentdel as they had issues with over budgeting and also not allocating sufficient resources. A committee could have overlook the project and showed that the calculated costs of implementing and designing the wireless order entry system were a lot more than what was accounted for. Such issues could have possibly been minimised if the project was strategized properly. A key process mechanism relevant to DentDel is Strategic information systems planning. This involves using the Strategic alignment model (SAM) to gauge the strategic fit of the I.T project in terms of the external and internal (I.T infrastructure) domain. The SAM also focuses on functional integration. DentDel could use some of the integration functions of the SAM model. One such idea they could use is the link between I.T/Business strategies with implications of external components. This is very important in the business sector. This is particularly useful for DentDel as they had not managed the external components of the wireless order entry system. If they did they would have known that many doctors prefer not to have face to face sales appointments and this made the whole pear-p phone wireless order entry system ineffective. DentDel had a few of these mechanisms while implementing the wireless entry order system. Some of the mechanisms they had were


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