Opposite Attract

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Summarization of Findings:
After asking ten random people, I was surprised at the various responses of the myth. Eight out of the ten people I asked said they believed the myth. The most common reasons for believing the myth were that opposites make life interesting because there’s always something to look forward to, an intuition that opposites don’t make life boring, and that’s how it’s supposed to be. What surprised me in the positive responses was the fact that some people believed in the myth due to popular culture like the Twilight movies, and cultural mindsets that make people believe “that’s how it’s supposed to be”. Only two people stated they did not believe the myth. The most common reasons that people denounced the myth was
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Although opposites attracting can be a true case, it is often rare- more relationships are stable when there are more similarities than differences.
Comparison of PDF with responses: The evidence in the reading contradicts most of the student responses. While the majority of the people I asked believed the myth, there were two people that got the right notion that opposites attract isn’t really what happens. The students that believed the myth thought that opposites make life interesting and not boring, that opposites improve our weaknesses and that opposite pairs lead to a more successful marriage in the long run. But the PDF article debunks all these concepts: opposites can make life miserable if lifestyles really don’t match, opposites can make our weaknesses stand out more and make unstable relationships. The article proves that people actually tend to attract to and befriend people with similar interests and likes to them. The more individuals have in common, the better their relationship will be. The two student responses that didn’t believe the myth were surprisingly accurate: their beliefs corresponded to the studies and concepts that proved that homophily is an important aspect of establishing and maintaining relationships.
My own belief has been refuted because I realize the effect that the culture of movies and books


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