The Breakfast Club (English Essay)

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The Breakfast Club – Movie Review
“They only met once, but it changed their lives forever.”

The Breakfast Club is a film written, produced and directed by John Hughes that was released in 1985 about High School stereotyping and Self Discovery in which a handful of common stereotypical unhappy high school students that are given an in school suspension at their local school “Sherman High” (Which is based in Chicago) from 8am in the morning until 4pm in the afternoon on a Saturday for them all individually breaking various school rules. (For Example… fire alarms being pulled when there was no fire and skipping school to go shopping.) This classic filmed has been intended to interest its teenage viewers but after time “The Breakfast
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I wouldn’t say that Claire is Stuck Up or Rude but I would say that she likes to keep things to herself as throughout the film she tends to try and keep things to herself through ways of verbal defense. Although I wouldn’t personally have chosen Molly Ringwald to play Claire as I believe that Molly really doesn’t fit the criteria of a Princess or Beauty Queen (No Offence :P) but I do like the way she acted the character out as she really does make us think that the with the way she acted that she WAS a Princess to her fellow peers and parents. Like Andrew, Claire is quite popular and there for has a social reputation to withhold. Also again without Bender mocking her, this movie may appear to be considerably duller.

Andrew Clark (Played by Emilio Estevez) is the Stereotypical “Jock” of the group complete with a sporting passion (from what we first see) and jumper, who has self confessed that he cannot think himself as he is run by peer pressure. (Hence the reason why he is having detention in the first place.) Andrew is both strong and very defensive of himself and in particular, Claire. I believe that Emilio Estevez was the right choice to play the “Jock” as his physique and acting makes him appear as if he was one. In my opinion though, Andrew appears to be the least interesting and entertaining of the film as he really doesn’t do very much in the film solo that makes him stand out and entertain anyone besides fighting Bender even though Bender was the more


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