Xs Energy Drink Marketing Plan

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XS Energy
Marketing Plan
Erin Moller
Bryant Johnson
Sam Kunjummen
Megan Victorson

Bryant Johnson Erin Moller Sam Kunjummen Megan Victorson
University of Minnesota-Duluth


Executive Business Summary 1
Mission Statement
History of XS Energy
Growth of the Business
Market Potential
13 Flavors of XS Energy Drinks
Situational Analysis 3
Internal Strengths and Weaknesses
External Opportunities and Threats
Target Market Identification
Market Demographics
Product Market Grid
Product Strategy
Price Strategy
Promotion Strategy
Distribution Strategy

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XS Energy is not a household name like Monster and Red Bull, but our goal is to distribute our product in vending machines and school stores, while still keeping the personal touch our IBO’s bring to the business. Vending machines make up 11% of the market segment, which can greatly increase our sales (IBISWorld Industry Report). Our plan is to increase knowledge, but not make the company so large as to distribute to supermarkets and convenience stores, which account for another 60% of market sales.
Since the release of the first energy drinks nearly a decade ago they have grown popular at an amazing pace in the U.S. According to the Beverage Marketing Corporation, the U.S. Energy Drink market is projected to grow by 12% each year through 2010 (XSBlast.com). One disadvantage XS Energy currently has is the fact their product is not sold in stores and supermarkets, which is where 54% of all Energy Drink sales are made (Beverage World). Creating the opportunity for XS Energy Drinks to emerge in stores and become more public will greatly increase sales and increase market knowledge of the product.
Energy drinks, as a whole, are predicted to show the strongest growth between 2007 and 2012, rising by 53% in total volume terms (GMID). Energy drinks remain popular among younger “Generation Y” consumers, for whom the drinks have


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