Avenue Q Term Paper

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Nia Sherard
Yohancey Kingston
Professor Adler
April 2010 The both of us, Nia and Yohancey went to go see Avenue Q; we were pleased with our choice on that show after you, professor Adler had spoken about it so much. We decided to go to the play on Wednesday, April 21st. It was the day of the Jesuit Court carnival so as soon as it ended at 5 we went to get showered dressed and catch the shuttle. We were on the way to the city by 5:30 so that we could figure out how to get our tickets for the show and at a cheap rate. I printed out tickets so that we could get cheaper seats but when we got to the path I realized I left it in my dorm; fortunately my mom works in the city so she printed it out for me. When we got into
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She starts singing “Mix Tape” after he asks to use her bathroom. This is a subjunctive song because it shows how much she really wants to be with Princeton. The song ends with Kate Monster being delighted when Princeton invites her on a date to the café that night. At the café Brian is there trying to be a comedian because that is his dream job and he starts singing “I’m not wearing any Underwear today”. The song was intended to be funny but it not a lot of people in the theatre thought of it as that. Lucy the slut comes out and starts singing “Special” which then makes Kate have fixed feelings because Lucy is singing to Princeton very seductively. As Lucy is singing to Princeton she begins to get really flirty and it makes Kate very jealous. This is the first conflict song in this play because it causes conflict in Kate and Princeton’s relationship. The bears then convince Kate and Princeton to have some drinks and play drinking games; they then decide to go home together. The song “You Can Be as Loud as the Hell You Want (When you’re Making Love)” comes on and it immediately makes the whole audience die from laughter. This song is a buffo because it is all about the comedy of going home drunk with someone and having sex. It slowly transitions into a brotherhood song by the end because halfway through the others characters join in and start singing about their sex lives. The next scene starts as


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