Preparing for a Company Wide Migration to Windows 8

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Week 10 Assignment 1: Preparing for a Company-Wide Migration to Windows 8
CIS329 Administering Desktop Clients

Crescent Manufacturing Inc. (CMI) as a luxury leader in crafted and customized home furnishings is looking to update their computer systems to Windows 8. This report will provide detailed information on Windows 8 operations and security so that CMI can make an informed decision in regards to software operating system upgrades.
Touch Screen Optimization
Supports ARM Chip Infrastructure
Short Boot Time
Better Security
No PC Hardware Upgrade
Application Store
Metro UI and Aero UI overlap
Inability to turn tiles into icons
Metro UI
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Phase 1 and each of the three steps for Phase 2 of the migration will take approximately 12 hours to complete and will be done during the timeframe of 7am to 7pm to minimize disruptions.
Phase 3:
This phase will encompass the replacement of the 175 PC’s located at the Maryland facility, and will be completed in two steps over multiple days.
Step one will include the replacement of every PC in the Operations department with a new PC that has already been configured with Windows 8.
Step two will include the replacement of every PC in the Production department with a new PC that has already been configured with Windows 8
The upgrade timeframe for the Maryland location will be longer than the either of the first two phases that included the Texas and Nebraska locations, the goal will be to switch out 35 PCs each day until all equipment has been upgraded with new PC’s already configured with Windows 8.
Phase 4:
This is the final phase of the project and will encompasses the 50 laptop computers used by the sales staff. To complete this step CMI will order 50 brand new laptops that will be delivered to the IT department, these PC’s will have Windows 8 operating system already installed and will be checked out and configured by the IT department before being sent out or picked up by the sales staff team.
The overall length of time the migration and upgrade is scheduled to take is 3 weeks. There are a several issues identified that could impact the migration timeframe.


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