Survey on Chocolate

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A Project Report On “ Survey Of Chocolate”

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Chapter-I : Executive summary

Chapter-II : Objectives of the study

Chapter-IV : Research Methodology

Chapter-VI : Analysis & Interpretation of the data

Chapter-VII : Suggestions & Conclusions

Chapter-VIII : Bibliography

Chapter-I: Executive summary
Chapter-II: Objectives of the study • Short History of Chocolate

A delicate
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Correct roasting is exceedingly important since under-roasting leaves a raw taste and over-roasting results in a high pungent or even burnt flavor.
Now comes the cooling, shelling, and winnowing, from which the cocoa beans emerge cleaned and ready for blending. This important process requires expert knowledge and skill. Not only must the beans be selected which will produce the best chocolate flavor, but uniformity of blend must be preserved year in and year out.
After the blending, the cocoa beans are milled or slowly ground between great heated millstones. Under heat and tremendous pressure, the cocoa butter melts and mixes with other parts of the beans forming the ruddy chocolate liquor. The fragrant chocolate odor is now noticeable.
The liquor is then treated according to the product to be made. For unsweetened chocolate, the liquor is poured into molds and cooled rapidly in refrigerating rooms. Then the cacao emeres in familiar form, as bars of chocolate, ready to be wrapped and sold. • Storing Chocolate
Keep the chocolate in a cool, dry place. Chocolate is best kept at around 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature of a pantry or dark cabinet. It has a shelf life of approximately one year. The normal air conditioned room provides adequate protection.
Freezing chocolate is not recommended; when you freeze it and then thaw it out, it will have a greater tendency to bloom.


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