Written Assignment #1: Job Analysis

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Literature Reviews

All three articles reviewed: ‘Guidelines for Best Practice in the Use of Job Analysis Techniques’ by SHL GROUP http://www.shl.com/assets/resources/Best-Practice-Job-Analysis.pdf, ‘What Happens If an Organization Doesn’t Conduct a Job Analysis?’ by Anaya Baldwin, Demand Media http://smallbusiness.chron.com/happens-organization-doesnt-conduct-job-analysis-15562.html, and ‘Job Analysis’ created by the Canadian Job Bank http://www.jobsetc.gc.ca/pieces1.jsp?category_id=2802&root_id=2801, all fully support Job Analysis in ways such as creating a definition of a needed position, aligning current employees with jobs that match their work skills, creating standards which can be quantifiable, and setting realistic goals
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Every organization must realize the importance of this, to align business needs with human resource functions like job analysis will create clearly defined positions which will benefit the entire company.
The Canadian Job Bank has a link to defined ‘Job Analysis’. They urge business in Canada to consider the importance of having job analysis process in place in order to have productive business in Canada. This article clearly outlines the process for business for how to do a job analysis as well as giving some interesting tips for employers. They state that it is important not to set the bar too high. Of course they want high performance employees, but to have reasonable expectations. There is also a section about ‘Special Consideration’, this is where employers need to define special criteria for specific jobs such as required licenses, certifications, and special working conditions. They ask on the review and finalize step to have what they call a ‘common sense’ check. Making sure the process of job analysis that was just defined for a particular job makes sense, and is helpful to both the candidate and the business.
All three articles clearly support the job analysis process. They all agree it is the best way to define a role and find the best fit for that role. This process creates important dialogue between managerial/administrative staff


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