Sociology Deviant

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Being Deviant for a Day In this project I decided to be over-talkative in the sense that whenever someone spoke to me and asked how I was doing or what was new in my life, I would go above and beyond what they probably were expecting me to do so. So for me being a deviant in this way made perfect sense because I normally don’t talk much about myself, more of a listener than anything. I started everything out by going about my normal day, errands and going to my college classes. So I went to Wal-Mart of all places and not even five minutes into my shopping there I ran into two friends that I haven’t seen in a long time, and of course they said, “So how have you been? Anything new going on in your life?” So I went into the deviance …show more content…

As far as relating my experience with concepts that I learned in the textbook, I would have to start off with Developing Personality, as in what Freud said about developing the personality. “Along with the development of our mind and the self comes the development of our personality.” Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) developed a theory of the origin of personality that has had a major impact on Western thought. In that social group in which we are born has a lot to do with how our personality is. If a person is born into a family that doesn’t have much concern about others and their feelings, they grow up to thinking that they have no reason to care about others. Then they don’t have the subconscious motivation to automatically have concern for others and how they feel. Because emotions have a lot to do with whom we are as we grow older.
Now with expressing emotions, just because we may have grown up in a different family environment in that we were taught to not show concern for others doesn’t mean that we don’t show emotions, in my experience we show a lot more emotions in our eyes than we realize. So the stereotype that we only show emotions in our face or body movements is false. We show so much emotion in our eyes, you can tell a story just by looking into someone’s eyes the way they feel or even sometimes what they have been through shows. I have


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