Nistories of Churches in Ipoti Ekiti Area of Ekiti -Nigeria

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OUR SAVIOUR’S ANGLICAN CHURCH, IPOTI – EKITI According to the history of Christianity in Nigeria, Christianity in Ipoti-Ekiti can be traced to the one that started in Badagry in 1842. It came late to Ekiti land because of Kiriji war and Ekiti Parapo war which ranged from 1877 to 1893. Hence Christianity began in Ekiti in 1893. Among those who planted Christianity in Ijero area was Pa Ogunleye who was a native of Ipoti. He was the one sent by Madam Helena Fatiregun Doherty from Lagos to Ijero, but Pa Ogunleye did not make influence on the Christianity in Ipoti. Christianity in Ipoti started in 1897 through a man named Samson Ajayi Ogbon Edun who was a native of Ipoti. This man
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Ogunode. The first vicar was Rev. Fasanmade (2) Rev. Adesoye (3) Rev. J. Oladipo Atowoju (4) Rev. Z Oso Ogunlusi (5) Rev. Samuel Owolabi Ogunbiyi (6) Rev. Ayeni (7) Rev. S.A. Adeyanju (8) Rev. J.O. Bolorunkopani (9) Canon S.A. Awosusi (10) Rev. J.B. Osadua (11) Rev. J.A. Aluko (12) Rev Canon M.O. Ogunniyi (13) Rev. J.O. Agbaje till date.

ST. PAUL’S ANGLICAN CHURCH, IROKO – EKITI Christianity was introduced to Iroko by Chief David Aina. He was baptized in 1903 and managed the church as church Agent from 1903 to 1918. One of the early convert, Chief Aladekomo gave his house for church worship. Women were not in attendance of the church at the beginning hence, Chief Ojo Alugbe and Mr. Daniel dada took it upon themselves to tidy up the church on Saturdays. The early Christians witnessed persecution from the traditionalists and this made some of them to flee to Ijebu-Ode. This became blessing for the church because the Christians learnt ABD and brought the book back home from ijebu Ode. Some of the early converts were: David Aina, David Esan, Ojo Alugbe, Dada Ologbe, Emmanuel Abe, Jacob Omotade, John jejeleko. The first woman convert was Abigail Alege. Other women were Sabinah Abe, Dorcas Omoleye, Comfort Olofintade and Oloreewe Adeoye. The first vicarage was built in 1934, while St. paul’s Primary School was established. The second vicarage was built in 1949 due to the falling down of the first one. Between 1903 to the present day, the