Leadership Analysis of Russian President Vladimir Putin

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Leadership Analysis on example of
Russian President Vladimir Putin

Before I begin Leadership Analysis I would like to define what Leadership means to me. Leadership is the process of influencing others towards the attainment of certain pre-defined goals. Leadership style refers to the methodology adopted by the leader to carry out the roles and responsibilities of the leadership process1.
After studying the biography of many of historical and contemporary leaders it can be concluded that up to some extent leadership qualities are inherent but good leaders are created or made, they are not born. Because these inherent qualities need to be polished and molded through experiences and are within an individual giving him
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``I understood that in order to win I have to go to the end in any fight, as if in the last, decisive combat.''2 It's not clear whether he was generally the instigator of the combat or responding to taunts and insults he felt should not go unchallenged. In any case, he resolved to fortify himself. After getting his nose broken, he took up sambo, a Soviet combination of judo and wrestling, and finally settled on judo4. He devoted himself to rigorous workouts and became a black belt and a city-wide champion. Putin's judo training taught him to control his emotions, but when he is angry his outbursts can be not only crude but breathtakingly acerbic. Putin's instinct to make himself whole is mirrored in his imperative to keep Russia from breaking up—but any Russian leader would feel a similar sense of duty. As we can see, these skills that he learned in young age helped him in his adult life to manage himself, be more organized and strategic perspective.
The skill of strategic perspective with problem solving shows at the day when he became the most powerful person in the country. Not content to stand pat a day after assuming power in Russia, the acting president, Vladimir Putin, reminded voters why they like him so much, by paying a surprise visit to troops fighting the war in Chechnya. The war is the main reason for a surge in his popularity, and for the success of pro-government parties in recent parliamentary


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