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Cognitive behavioral techniques are used during a counseling session in a hospital or office setting by therapist. Although I was unable to do a current Site visit to a human service department of a company to write my report, I do know from my own experience some things pertaining to programs that employ behavioral or genitive intervention and or models. In this paper I will attempt to explore some areas within a cognitive intervention such as:
• What population participates in the program
• Who presents the program
• How the effectiveness of the intervention is measured
• How do they determine a need for the program
• Do they have plans for other programs that use behavioral models and techniques
• What other
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In the past, people were not likely to seek help for a cognitive behavior like they do in today’s era. The more we are educated on behavior intervention, the more people start to recognize the need for intervention. Although intervention may not be for everyone, but the option for behavior intervention is always available. Plans for other programs which use behavioral or genitive models and techniques have already taken place where I attended therapy. The setting that I was in has also incorporated a drum class and a music class that helps with behavior changes. “When behavior change strategies are utilized, it is under the assumption that clients are in therapy because of behaviors that are causing them trouble; changing the behavior, not providing a supportive relationship, is the focus of the therapy” (Wheeler, Shultis, & Polen,). According to Wheeler, Shultis, and Polen, some adults in short-term treatment for emotional difficulties a group of people might be asked to visualize an activity that may cause moderate anxiety while also practicing music-assisted relaxation techniques. Although I am unsure of whether the facility I attended has plans for other programs or interventions which use behavioral models and techniques, there are other behavior techniques that were used by the facility that I attended. Not only did the facility that I attended use the technique of music, they also used a behavioral technique called the ABC Model. According


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