Evaluation Essay on Social Networking

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Social Networking: Negative Impact on Society, Especially the Youth Social networking sites allow you to connect with old friends from high school, family that lives far away, in my case, even in another country as missionaries, friends down the street, coworkers, and just about anyone else you can think of. This can make you feel more connected to the world around you. You can keep up with what everyone is doing and accomplishing in their lives very easily through statuses and pictures posted every day. I have met new family members, whether by marriage or by birth, through Facebook who I otherwise have not had the opportunity to meet. One of my uncles, who recently passed away, had an affair about thirty years ago and did not …show more content…
(Are social networking sites good for our society?) Many bullies do not even try to conceal their identity, but some may create a fake account to do their bullying and they think they can not get caught, but there are many ways to find out their identity. Bullies could lose their online accounts, face legal charges, and possibly have to register as a sex offender. Cyber-bullying statistics show that “Around half of teens have been the victims of cyber bullying,” and “Only one in ten teens tells a parent if they have been a cyber bully victim.” (Cyber Bullying Statistics) The third and final issue I am discussing is that the strong face-to-face relationships are suffering and being replaced with the weaker online relationships. Before social networking, close friends would make it a point to call each other to see what they had been up to or they would get together and go out to catch up on things. Now, it’s easy to go on the networking site and read their posts and even see pictures about what they have been in to. This gives the feeling that they are still keeping up with them, but without the face-to-face contact these relationships tend to weaken. (Hart) Young people and adults alike can spend many hours on these sites. Many families no longer have dinner together or spend very much quality time together because they are sometimes in separate rooms on different computers or other technical devices. This is one reason many kids do not


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