TDA 3.29 Supervise Children and Young People on Journeys

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Supervise children and young people on journeys, visits and activities outside of the setting

1. Understand the policy and procedures for supervising children and young people on journeys, visits and activities outside of the setting.

There are various organisational and legal requirements for supervising children on journeys, visits and activities outside of the school setting. These include policies and procedures which should be carried out by the school including risk assessments of areas that will be visited (New2teaching, 2013).

Risks assessments will identify any hazards and/or dangers and who might be harmed and how this may happen, allow the risks to be evaluated and check if the precautions are
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We then went to board the bus. I sat at the front of the bus and helped the children near me to put on their seatbelts. All of their packed lunches were placed at the front of the bus, in the designated area for luggage. The register was taken by the Early Years Manager and a headcount was carried out. I ensured all the children in my group were present.

During the journey, I made sure the children did not remove their seatbelts or move out of their seat. Some of the children had accessories like hats and sunglasses, so I told them to look after them. There were no issues during the journey and the children were fine on the bus. When we arrived, the children were told to get their belongings and the bus was checked thoroughly to prevent anything being left behind. The children were told to get into their groups and reminded of which staff member they would have to stay with throughout the trip. The register was taken to check that all the children were off the bus. I made my group stay in their pairs, hold hands with each other and to stay with me at all times.

We arrived in good time, just before the park opened. This ensured we had as much time as possible in the park. We were all given a map and details of attractions that were available throughout the day. When the park was open, we were allowed in and it was snack time for the children. So we went to a sheltered bench area and sat the children down and made sure they had their