Site Visit Report

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Georgia Perimeter College
Mr. Bradley
RELI 1301 - World Religions
Spring 2011
Site Visit Report Template1

Note: Students are to read all instructions related to this assignment before completing this template. Place your responses adjacent to or below each item/question – do not delete text from this template. Remember to please use a different font size or color in order to assist me in differentiating your text from that of this template.

Student Name: Raul Leal

Name of Site Visit Location: Kingdom Hall of the Jehovah Witnesses
Religious Tradition: Christianity
Sub-tradition within Larger Religious Tradition: Jehovah Witnesses
Date and Time Attended: Sunday, 3:00pm

Address: 2341 Lake Rockaway Road Northwest
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The total attendance of people is at 290, it is a Hispanic congregation, everyone is of Hispanic, mostly of adults in middle age and few young adults. The children are seen in the service with their parents.

3.2. (9) What proportion of the congregation appears to attend in family units, couples, or as individuals? Do they sit together and participate in the service as a family unit or couple? If not, what seems to be the basis for where people sit and what roles they take during the service? Is the seating according to sex, age, or religious status, for example?
About 80% of the congregation is family units that attend the service together, the remainder are individuals who come on their own. The families participate together as a unit. Some of the roles some members can take to go up to the podium and to read a bible passage. The sitting is not segregated, people can sit where they like with their families or on their own.

3.3. Congregation behavior during service (respond to 3.3.1 – 3.3.9):
3.3.1. (10) Is it subdued or enthusiastic? Loud or quiet? What are people doing?
The behavior of the congregation is subdued and reserved, which is quiet and attentive. The people sit and have their bibles in their hands and read along and listen to the person at the podium reads a passage or explain a passage from the bible.

3.3.2. (11) Is there lots of congregation participation in the service itself


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