Sister Flowers Summary

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Sister Flowers Summary “Sister Flowers,” is a descriptive narrative by Maya Angelou. This piece was taken from her first of six autobiographies, Why the Caged Bird Sings (1970). Angelou, with much admiration and respect, describes a woman by the name of Sister Flowers as, “the aristocrat of Black Stamps”(87), “the measure of what a human being can be”(88), and educated. Angelou, who became mute almost a year earlier after being raped at the age of eight, was at a low point in her life. She describes how she initially encountered Sister Flowers by stating, “Then I met, or rather got to know, the lady who threw me my first life line”(87). Sister Flowers shared her love for literature with Angelou and influenced her to begin speaking again. …show more content…
I must admit this is being happy at the purest level for me. The fun times we shared together started on our first encounter. We took a road trip to Ocean City, Maryland to watch my sister’s cheerleading competition. We spent the weekend exploring the boardwalk, dressing up in costumes for pictures as if we lived during the 1920’s. We spent our evenings over a nice, dinner accompanied by good conversation. Thinking irrationally, or rather, reacting without putting thought into it, we almost got married in chuck ‘e’ cheese that weekend. There was never a dull moment and there is still yet to be one. I cannot learn enough about him. I want to know more, everything there is to know. Today, we are still learning about each other; of course not as rapidly as we had initially. He supplies all the entertainment one needs. He brings fun into every day. To sum up the impact he has had on my life, he contributed to the new outlook I have on life. He gave me reason to change my downward path and move upward. I will forever be thankful for his guidance. I came to believe personally that when one truly experiences love, true love, hold it tight because it is rare and I am a believer once this type of love is experienced it is never lost for the person. I thought I was in love many times, but turns out my feelings were false because the feelings are not the same I have for Tomas, which are real. The love I feel and the effects of him are unique and irreplaceable. I am


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