Understanding roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training

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Assignment 301
Understanding roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training.

Task B Reflective Account

In this assignment I will discuss key aspects of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice relating to my own role as a Creative Learning Practitioner working with adults. I will reflect on the Teacher/Training cycle and make reference to where my role is relevant and any boundaries involved when working with students in a creative setting. I will also reference ground rules and how to promote appropriate behaviour and respect within a safe learning environment.

Legislation is essential in order for a civilised society to function effectively and appropriately and to provide standardised
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As a teacher I must have an excellent understanding of the diverse nature of the society in which we live in and I must promote this within the classroom.

The learning environment should embrace differences and similarities in culture, backgrounds and experience. This should be an environment free from racism, sexism and bullying where there are positive role models and processes in place that promote equality and value diversity in the workplace and the classroom.

Ways that this can be achieved is to provide resources with consideration to represent the diverse range of learners who access the provision. Through an initial assessment that should be carried out at the beginning of the course I will have gained a good understanding of each individual learning style and any access requirements they may have. For example a student might have dyslexia and so I must work with the student to provide the most accessible form of resource. Resources should be adapted to ensure that learners can access information and meet individual needs (large print, on tape, using symbols).

A variety of teaching methods should be used following an assessment of different learning styles. For example I should ensure that each lesson includes visual, auditory and practical elements to suit different learning styles.

I must ensure


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