Similarities and Differences Between T&H

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1, Definitions:
1.1. Tourism: according to F.W. Ogilvie (1933), tourism can be defined as ‘persons who go to somewhere rather than home or workplace for a period of time and spend money in that place’. But this definition has its limitations as it is too broad and it does not have specific standards or criteria to define tourism.

Many organizations have been tried to come up with an accurate definition of tourism, but till now they only commonly accepted some factors that help to define tourism. Tourism is an activity of human beings which must comply with three factors--- time range, distance parameter, and a circular journey. The time ranges from 24 hours to 1 year, the travel distance should be more than 100 kilometers and the
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2.3.2 Government’ Support-Sustainable development
Sustainable development is a common theme in 21st century; both tourism and hospitality advocate the sustainable development in terms of environmental, economical, and social, to protect culture heritage and use nature resource more sustainable. The minister of Wales government Carwyn Jones, raised a bill of sustainable development (SD) to shape a better future for Wales. It gives specific approaches to achieve SD and set out steps of its Implementation. Government departments such as Natural Resources Wales, National Library of Wales, National Museum Wales etc. are responsible for administrative functions (Carwyn Jones 2012).

3 Differences

Although there is a very close link between hospitality and tourism, they are not synonymous (French, 2000). The close relationship between the two only happens when the guests of hospitality are the tourists of tourism. The biggest difference is that hospitality can be separate from tourism while tourism cannot be existed without the support of hospitality.
3.1 Hospitality can be separate from tourism while tourism cannot
Hospitality organizations provide services to not only tourists but also home for at least 24 hours, and the majority of them would stay and eat at commercial hotels. On the other hand, local people can also stay at hotel or have a casual lunch or dinner with their friends. But it is not possible to operate tourism without any


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