Coral Divers Resort Case Solution

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The issue that Coral Divers Resort (CDR) is facing is that it has been unable to distinguish itself from other resorts in the New Providence, Bahamas region and has been experiencing declining revenues and unprofitability for the past three years as a result. Other resorts that have been able to specialize in certain segments of the diving industry have been doing well over the past years as the industry continues to grow. CDR must look for opportunities in the diving industry to find a unique niche and gain a competitive edge that will lead to an increase its revenues. The SWOT analysis (Exhibit 1) looks at the current state of CDR and the environment it is operating in.

Conclusion and Recommendation: 

The most effective
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The option to focus on adventure diving and cost efficiency is the easiest to implement and does not require very much effort from the management of CDR (See Exhibit 2 under Ease of Implementation for detail). It also controls cost very effectively and only increases net expenses minimally (See total expenses in Exhibit 3 for years 2009 to 2011). When rated on a scale out of one hundred based on the factors selected, the recommended option comes out on top with a mark of 87 while the adventure diving with cost efficiency option scores a 78 (See Exhibit 2 for breakdown of scores).
Implementation Plan:
In order to implement the recommended option in the easiest way possible, the process should be broken down into a set of six vital tasks performed by Jonathon, his wife Margaret, contractors, and inspectors. The process starts on February 2, 2009 and ends on June 18, 2009, finishing one week before the Rascal program is fully implemented at CDR in the beginning of fiscal year 2009 (See Exhibit 5 for each task in greater detail).
1.The first task is the initial consultation with Rascals and is to be lead by Jonathon Greywell. The initial consultation and approval should be completed in about a month and is free of charge.
2.The second task is the $70,000