Comparison of “The Story of Qiu Ju” and “Ermo”

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“The Story of Qiu Ju,” directed by Zhang Yimou has many underlying as well as apparent themes enwrapped in the film to absorb the audience. These themes coincide with the themes from, “Ermo” which was directed by Zhou Xiaowen. These two films have multiple similarities as well as differences; these similarities and differences of the two films are especially embodied in the two respective female protagonists. As you will notice there is an emphasis on gender roles, which plays an immense part in each film. Qiu Ju, which was played by the prominent actress Gong Li starred in, “The Story of Qiu Ju.” Ermo, which was played by Ai Liya starred in, “Ermo.” In the following paragraphs I will compare and contrast these films in many ways, as well …show more content…

He claimed that a house represents who you are and this is why he used the comparison between that of an egg and hen. You need the hen to produce the egg, which makes the hen significantly more important. In the case of Qiu Ju’s husband, he stated many times to Qiu Ju to stop the appeals and the justice she was looking for since she was pregnant. The reason being that each time gets more embarrassing and harder to settle, as she continues to irritate the village’s chief. From both of these points of view one can strongly confirm that both of these women had robust personalities. Even though they both carried the image of strong women, their actions were driven by differing morals and values.
I believe it is a fair assumption to state that Qiu Ju is much more loyal then Ermo. The reason being is that Ermo had an affair with the man that would drive her into town, and ultimately help her collect the money she would need to buy the television set. Ironically, the man that helps her is the husband of the neighbor that Ermo despises so much. In a way one can say that there was a price involved for the rides and help she received. Since, Qiu Ju would spend much of the movie on foot and crowded trains, appealing to higher and higher authorities, she did not feel that she owed anyone anything. Perhaps, the reason that leads Ermo into this affair was because she was also sex-deprived; she quit the job when she found out that Xiazi was subsidizing her wages, and she