Sick Around the World Video Analysis

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What does “universal health care mean? Which countries in the film have universal health care? “Universal healthcare" or "universal coverage" refers to a scenario where everyone is covered for basic healthcare services, and no one is denied care as long as they are legal residents in the geography covered. Countries that have universal health care coverage are United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Taiwan. Although all five countries that was discussed in the video “Sick Around the World”, have universal healthcare coverage, each health care policy are uniquely designed to meet the needs of the people. The United Kingdom provides public healthcare to all UK permanent residents may receive free health care …show more content…
In the United States, a pre-existing condition can affect your health insurance coverage. If you are applying for insurance, some health insurance companies may accept you conditionally by providing a pre-existing condition exclusion period

In Germany, the rich pay for the poor, the ill are covered by the healthy, health insurance continues with or without employment, and doctors, who are private entrepreneurs, make less money than they did before reform. o Why will doctors in Germany accept less money? o Should the rich pay for the poor when it comes to health insurance? Germany has Europe's oldest universal health care system, with origins dating back to Otto von Bismarck's Social legislation, which included the Health Insurance Bill of 1883. In the public system the premium is set by the Federal Ministry of Health based on a fixed set of covered services as described in the German Social Law (Sozialgesetzbuch - SGB), which limits those services to "economically viable, sufficient, necessary and meaningful services" Also it is not dependent on an individual's health condition, but a percentage of salaried income. Typically 10-15%, depending on the public health insurance company one is in, where half of that is paid by the employer. This system includes family members of any family members, or "registered member" ( Familienversicherung - i.e. husband/wife and children are free). It’s a "pay as


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