Mtv Marketing Strategy Analysis

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On September 29, 1981, MTV had been in operation for two months, with twenty advertisers and 30% of available commercial time. At this time, the company was owned and operated by the Warner Amex Satellite Entertainment Company.[1] “Youth will be served,” this statement illustrates the foundations on which MTV was established. The company had already been serving the youths of the nation with “Nickelodeon,” hence MTV was created to target the “bigger kids,” the ones with enough discretionary income representing an attractive segment to marketers and advertisers.[2] In December of 1985, Warner announced that it would relinquish MTV, and that the company would become a wholly owned subsidiary of Viacom. At the time of the deal, Viacom …show more content…

Parentage refers to who makes a brand, or in this case, which company owns MTV. Viacom is a media giant with a long reputation for successful endeavors and diverse service offerings. Its size and stature is incomprehensible, its portfolio including Networks, Entertainment, Video, Parks, Publishing and Online divisions.[16] MTV can attribute some of its success to having such a strong parent. In this case, endorsement comes in the form of emulation. MTV is a network dedicated to endorsements, of the celebrity kind of course, with constant appearances from rock stars, fashion models, actors and actresses. This is the greatest attribute for MTV in terms of market penetration and brand loyalty. America loves beautiful people and hearing about their lifestyles, and they can be found on MTV.
This was evident with the 1999 MTV music awards, which was viewed in more than 300 million homes in more than 83 territories.[17]

The two main technologies for collecting and analyzing customer’s perceptions about the competitive positioning of alternative products or brands are multidimensional scaling and discriminate analysis.[18]

Most brands have little to no position in the mind’s of many consumers. The most important method of changing this is through creating brand awareness.[19] Mentioned before, MTV has a reputable history and has high levels of brand recognition globally.


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