Portrayal of Women in the Media

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Portrayal of Women in the Media Gender is the psychological characteristics and social categories that are created by human culture. Doing gender is the concept that humans express their gender when they interact with one another. Messages about how a male or female is supposed to act come from many different places. Schools, parents, and friends can influence a person. Another major factor that influences millions of impressionable females and males is television. Not only does the television teach each sex how to act, it also shows how one sex should expect the other sex to act. In the current television broadcasting, stereotypical behavior goes from programming for the very small to adult audiences. In this broadcasting range, …show more content…

Women are almost always projected as maternal, thus conveying the idea that every girl should aspire to be a mother. "Mothers are always portrayed as the doting parent of lovable children, the faithful wives of hardworking husbands, the neat homemakers who do not have or did not choose ‘careers' outside of their homes." Images like this shape the way males and females feel about how a mother is suppose to act. "Although more mothers are breaking out of the norm, somehow, they also do not stray afar." Women are seen as mothers first and the career pioneers second. There are also mothers that never represented on television. Lesbians are hardly ever seen on Filipino television. Men are in primary control of television in that area, so whatever does fit their idea of correct and proper, does not make onto the screen.
Gender typed-roles are not the only characterizations women on TV are given. They are also seen as sex objects. They are seen in sex objects in music videos, advertising, sporting events, and prime time television. The sexual visualization gives society the ability to perceive women as inferior. Some people might believe that women are just candy for the eyes. Even though women should not serve this role in the real world, it gets harder and harder to overcome this idea as it is reinforced daily. This thought can cause young girls and adolescents to want to achieve


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