Pepsi Strategic Management Case Study

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2.1 Brief history
2.2 Current financial status 3. MISSION STATEMENT 4.1 Mission statement 4.2 Revised mission statement 4. VISION STATEMENT 5.3 Vision statement 5.4 Revised mission statement 5. EFE MATRIX 6.5 EFE matrix 6.6 EFE matrix summary 6. CPM MATRIX 7.7 CPM matrix 7.8 CPM matrix summary 7. IFE MATRIX 8.9 IFE matrix 8.10 IFE matrix summary 8. SWOT 9.11 SWOT matrix 9.12 SWOT conversion matrix 9.13 SWOT conversion matrix analysis 9. STRATEGY MATRIXES 10.14 SPACE 10.15 QSPM MATRIX 10.16 GRAND STRATEGY MATRIX 10. STRATEGY
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Acquires the regional brand Mountain Dew.
1966: Mountain Dew airs for the first time with the catchy tag line, "Yahoo!, Mountain Dew."
1975: Introduces The Pepsi Challenge, eventually convinces millions that Pepsi is superior.
1976: "Puppies," a 30-second snapshot becomes an instant commercial classic.
1984: Michael Jackson stars in the first two commercials of the new "Pepsi, The Choice of a New Generation" campaign.
1985: Lionel Ritchie appears in "New Generation" advertising followed by Tina Turner, Gloria Estefan, Joe Montana and Dan Marino.
1987: Pepsi returns to Times Square, New York after a twenty-seven year absence.
1988: Michael Jackson does a four-part "episodic" commercial named "Chase" that is aired during the Grammy Awards.
1990: Joe Montana returns in a commercial that challenges other celebrities to compare their pop to Pepsi.
1996: Lucas film and Pepsi shake hands on a long-term partnership for the Star Wars Trilogy films.
1998: Celebrates its centennial year with a birthday party attended by Ray Charles, Kool and the Gang, and the Rolling Stones.
1999: Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc. (PBG) becomes a publicly traded company.
2002: Becomes the National Football League's Official Soft Drink Sponsor. Cindy Crawford introduces the new look for Diet Pepsi.
2004: Introduces new brand Pepsi EDGE, with the same taste but half the sugar, carbs and


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