Rural Development Case Study

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Case Study Of A Rural Development:

The Agrarian Reform Infrastructure Support Project (ARISP) III





Table of Contents

Case Study Abstract


Definition of Terms


Project Beneficiaries

Analysis of the project

Development Framework

Expected Outcomes

Recommendation for Sustainability



This case details the implementation of Agrarian Reform Infrastructure Support Project (ARISP) III in the province of Quezon 1. The vision of writer is to initially determine the effect of the on-going implementation in the three selected sites which belong to the 5th class Municipalities in the province. The
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People are born female or male, but learn to be women and men. Perceptions of gender are deeply rooted, vary widely both within and between cultures, and change over time. But in all cultures, gender determines power and resources for females and males” (FAO, 2011b).

Poverty is the state of human beings who are poor. That is, they have little or no material means of surviving—little or no food, shelter, clothes, healthcare, education, and other physical means of living and improving one's life.

Poverty reduction (or poverty alleviation) is any process which seeks to reduce the level of poverty in a community, or amongst a group of people or countries. Poverty reduction programs may be aimed at economic or non-economic poverty. Some of the popular methods used are education, economic development, and income redistribution. Poverty reduction efforts may also be aimed at removing social and legal barriers to income growth among the poor.

Political freedom has been described as a relationship free of oppression or coercion; the absence of disabling conditions for an individual and the fulfillment of enabling conditions; or the absence of lived conditions of compulsion, e.g. economic compulsion, in a society.

Social control refers generally to societal and political mechanisms or processes that regulate individual and group behavior, leading to conformity and compliance to the rules of a


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