Is Bureaucracy Good for Employees? Discuss

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This essay focuses on the assertion that “Too much and too little bureaucracy in an organization demotivate employees and cause them stress.”
According to James & George (2008), bureaucracy is a formal system of organization and administration designed to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. Hanson (1979) defines bureaucracy as “an authority structure based on rational behavior”

The hierarchical authority that bureaucracy brings in may mean that employees do not contribute to decision making due to the setup. Ideas can be killed because they come from the “wrong” person and ideas may be supported because they are advanced by the ”right” person.
More so, workers feel that Data is used selectively, or distorted to make performance look
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In addition, top management could be reasonably certain that the people handling that function were expert in that function. Both of these benefits guarantee more certain control and effectiveness thereby enhancing job satisfaction and reducing stress within the workers.

Management by procedures or rules might lead to a lot of delays in the execution of duties by employees thereby frustrating workers and consequently causing them stress and leaving them demotivated; hence they might not be committed to their duties when they know the amount of time it might take for them to have feedback on their requests or suggestions. An example …………………………… However, control and consistency is improved by individuals. Members of staff will know what is expected of them by management, hence working with guidelines makes work easy and the probabilities of making dangerous mistakes are greatly minimized. An example…………………………..

Being impersonal tends to dehumanize the very people that bureaucracy purports to serve. This creates an environment of alienation through the organization as workers come to see themselves as “a grain in a packet of sugar”, hence employees are made to feel as though their input into the firm’s operations is of little or no significance. This will lead to an apathetic way of doing things by workers.


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