Riordan Proposal Network and Data Upgrade

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Rirodan Manufacturing Telephony and Data Network Upgrade Proposal
Team A
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Rirodan Manufacturing Telephony and Data Network Upgrade Proposal
Team A is proposing a thorough upgrade to Riordan’s phone and data networks. Our proposal will cover a description of the new system, its components and benefits to Riordan, as well as explain the requirements driving the need for the upgrade. We will cover the information used in the phone and data upgrades and discuss any security and ethical concerns of the system. We will be providing Riordan with diagrams of information flow and system components and business process changes incurred with the implementation of the new system. We will review the web and
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We are providing 6 phones to accommodate the Corporate, Marketing, Finance, HR, and R&D department heads, and the San Jose operator. We are suggesting the 5 7925G portable IP phones for employees who are mobile throughout the site. (Cisco, n.d.) describes this phone as capable of “delivering a powerful, converged wireless solution with intelligent wireless infrastructure and an innovative new product: the new Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7925G. This device delivers on-campus mobility to users using voice over wireless LAN” (Product Overview). All other employee work stations will be stocked with CISCO’s 7911 G phone. The 7911 IP phone is a basic use phone that will provide all the features necessary for Riordan’s phone needs. The San Jose conference room will be equipped with CISCO’s Unified IP Conference Station 7937G. According to (Cisco, n.d.) literature on the station it “combines state-of-the-art wideband speakerphone conferencing with award-winning Cisco voice communications. The net result is a conference room phone that offers superior voice quality, simplified wiring, and administrative cost benefits. This new full-featured, hands-free conference station is designed for use on desktops, in conference rooms, and in executive suites” (Product Overview). All of these phones are easily upgraded, because of the flexibility of CUCM. TelePresence systems are also available from CISCO with little to no upgrades to company systems and servers. The other


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