Proposal for Improve Riordan Manufacturing System

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After 3 months of extensive research and analyzing Riordan’s business operations and practices, Apollo Enterprises is in a position to present a value-added business solution and recommendations, in an effort to render an efficient infrastructural environment and cost savings; presented respectfully to you, the Sr. Executive Committee of Riordan’s Manufacturing Systems.
These recommendations will provide essential upgrades to Riordan’s operations process and will firm-up and strengthen several weaknesses within Riordan’s daily operations. The process improvements’
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To lower the risk of missing any daily transactions, the phased process will show as below: * Phase One -- National internet * Phase Two – National intranet * Phase Three – International internet * Phase Four – International intranet

Once the training is given on national bases, it will then begin moving its way towards the international deployment. In this way, no transaction(s) will be missed or stopped at Riordan’s daily transactions database. In other words, existing systems and new systems will be on-line at the same time until finalizing new systems.
Riordan Manufacturing existing systems are too small to contain and store the entire database internationally, that has brought into play, too many inconvenient management issues recently. Expanding databases, increasing severs and data storage and upgrading hardware and software system will bring more flexibility to Riordan Manufacturing business today and tomorrow, as follows: * stabilize database * standardize management system * share platform database information international wide * standardize quality control * stabilize internet and intranet systems

Business Needs
Riordan Manufacturing is currently facing problems with their benefits program and expenses. Riordan is not making the bonus pay-out benefits a top priority. The employees of Riordan need


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