Responsibilities and rights of employees and employers

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1. Know the statutory responsibilities and rights of employees and employers within own area of work.

1.1 List the aspects of employment covered by law
The law in UK covers the following aspects:
Minimum wage, Hours worked, Discrimination, Health and safety, Holiday entitlements, Redundancy and dismissal, Training, Disciplinary procedures, Union rights and consultation, among many others. Labour law covers the deal between employee and employer, Health and safety cover the work conditions, and minimum wage and other law set basic compensation levels.
Within our area of work we also have the Disability Act, Manual Handling Operations and Regulations, Data Protection Act, The Medicine Act, General Social Care Council code 2001,
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2.5 Explain agreed ways of working with employer
The Policies and procedures based on sector standards and guidelines and individuals care plans. To implement agreed ways of working I follow the care plan. Duty of care is the obligation I have to exercise a level of care towards an individual, as is reasonable in all the circumstances, to avoid injury to that individual or his/her property. Dilemma can occur when an individual makes a risky choice. They have a right to do this and I must respect and support their choices but I also have a duty to keep them safe.

3. Understand how own role fits within the wider context of the sector

3.1 Explain how own role fits within the delivery of the service provided
Maintain high standards of care and service toward service users. Assist service users in maintaining their personal hygiene, washing and dressing, toileting, shaving male residents, going to bed, promote independence and dignity, and assist in enabling to live their chosen lifestyle. Report complaints directly to the Manager in charge as son as they are made.

3.2 Explain the effect of own role on service provision
Our work is on one to one basic. Provide good quality of care, promote independent and dignity, assist in enabling to live their chosen lifestyle, makes clients happy and keep them in good living condition, make them to live longer, by this thing we can increase peoples confident in the Health and


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