Police Body Camera Argumentative Paper

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Michael Scheldrup
Advanced English III
March 12, 2015
It’s Time for a Change
Social issues have lingered in the shadows of American history since the day that our independence was signed in 1776, a mere two hundred and thirty­nine years ago. At that time, social issues consisted of our founding father’s debate over which men were to be considered equal, and the social issue of slavery as a whole became prominent to our young nation. From slavery to suffrage, the United States is no stranger to defining these particular social wrongs, and striving to make them right. As time has developed, the issues of old have passed, but now, new ones have arose. Currently, sitting in 2015, the United States is again being
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It is clear from this study that body cameras have a role in 21 century policing, and can be an effective means of reducing police brutality against citizens.
Not only do these cameras protect citizens, but they additionally have many beneficial qualities for those who wear them. By having this footage, law officials are able to gather evidence that can debunk a false story or claim by the person being arrested, and in the case of
Michael Brown, can give support to story told by Darren Wilson, the officer who fired the shots.
The use works effectively in both sides of the spectrum.

● How many of you feel uncomfortable when you are driving and see a police officer, are you speeding, or not? I guarantee that at some point you feel uncomfortable being around the police, which is ironic because they are the men and women put in place to protect you and keep you safe.
● Majority of class is white, imagine you are a minority in a large city, especially african amerian, where police prejudice does exist. And imagine that due to your race, you are statistically more likely to dealt with physical force
● Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin are key examples of this ­ each w/ fatal outcomes
● Two sides of the story ­ and race has been an issue on both sides
● Protests and riots have become the result ­ major damage to cities and local businesses
● This is where body


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