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Unit 1 Assessment

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Please note that this Assessment document has 13 pages and is made up of 5 Sections.

Name: Aimee Whitfield

Organisation: Which organisation(s) are you basing your answers to this assessment on? If you are
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Section 2 – Understand employee rights, responsibilities and organisational procedures

1. Use the table below to give details of employer and employee rights and responsibilities under employment law and the importance of having these (consider the importance to the organisation, employees and customers, where relevant). You should include at least two employer rights / responsibilities and at least two employee rights / responsibilities in your answer.

Rights and responsibilities
Why are they important?
1. Employer: Expect employees to fulfil their duties as specified by contracts and legislation.

This is important that this is adhered to as this could affect the terms of their employment and also should they ever question a particular aspect of their job, the contract can be referred to as proof that they understood their contract and their role by signing their contract at the beginning of their employment.
2. Employer : Duty of Care to employees

The Employee has the right to support from their manager and where reasonably possible ensure health and safety and wellbeing, this reinforces the manager’s commitment to the team and helps improve staff retention, boosts productivity and paves the way for greater employee engagement.
1. Employee: Read health and safety policy and procedures.

To create awareness should an accident happen or how to prevent


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