Respiratory Activity

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Respiratory Volumes

1. During exercise: TV will increase. 2. During exercise: IRV will decrease. 3. During exercise: ERV will increase. 4. During exercise: VC will not change. 5. During exercise: TLC will not change.

Materials and Methods
1. Dependent Variable. respiratory volumes 2. Independent Variable. level of physical activity [resting or exercising] 3. Controlled Variables. height; age; sex 4. Which respiratory volume was calculated? Breating rate, TV, ERV, and IRV. 5. What was the purpose of the nose clip? the nose clip was used for the lung function testing to prevent leakage with
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RTLC did not change as well because the the vitaln capacity did not change and so did the residual vloume residual volume as well remain the same so calculations did not change vewtween these three subjects. 8. During exercise, the depth of respiration increases Name the muscles involved in increasing the depth of respiration and explain how muscle contraction causes this increase. the muscles involved in increasing the depth of respiration was the diaphragm, the lungs, the intercostal muscles, musles of insipration and expiration as well.Muscle contraction caused the increase becacause of the diaphragm. 9. Explain the importance of the change in minute ventilation with exercise. the change in minute ventilation after exercising increase tremendouly because the TV and breating rate increse the minute ventilkation which increased more breaths needed while running to meet a higher deman for oxygen. 10. Restate your predictions that were correct and give data from your experiment that support them. Restate your predictions that

were not correct and correct them with supporting data from your experiment. Accoriding to my predictions I only have one that is wrong and that is that the ERV will increasw with exercise but after testing subjects and doing the experiment it has be confirmed that the ERV decrese, so my assumption was by far wrong. But as for my other predictions it came out to be true according to the experiment, table and graphs, my


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