Research Report on depression and anxiety

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A survey was conducted amongst first year university students, whom are studying first year Psychology. The survey conducted measured depression, anxiety and stress. All students were required to participate. They were asked to complete an online questionnaire, formally known as DASS (Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale). The 467 participants answered all the questions provided in the questionnaire based solely on how applicable the questions were to their levels of depression, anxiety and stress. The results that were obtained show that females were more likely to experience higher levels of anxiety and stress rather than males which are only likely to experience high levels of depression. In conclusion it was found that first
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In the absence of a strong literature it is preferable to articulate this aim as a research question rather than hypothesis.

The participants in this study consisted of 467 undergraduate psychology students, enrolled in their first year at RMIT University of 2013. 140 males were known to participate in this study and 326 females. Both genders ranged from the ages of 17 to 50 years of age. The mean of the ages was 20.93 years (SD = 4.83). Students were of different ethnic background and also received a course credit for their participation.
The 42 itemed Depression Anxiety Stress Scales, usually known as the DASS, which assesses symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress that are experienced within a duration of one week. Items on the three sub-scales are responded to on a four-point Likert scale, from 0 = did not apply to me at all, to 3 = applied to me very much, or most of the time. All three sub-scales possess adequate reliability and validity (Lovibond & Lovibond, 1995).
All 467 participants received instructions via their personal RMIT University Blackboard account (or student personal email). These instructions lead them to a link where the survey was located (developed using the Quadrics survey tool). They were then able


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