Red Glass Summary

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Sophie la Fuerta
“This taste that felt like diving into a dream flower and coming out on the other side, into the startling sweetness of reality” (207). In Laura Resau’s novel Red Glass, the reader learns that Sophie (the main character) and her family adopt Pablo (an orphan found in the desert). Once Pablo’s family is located in a remote Mexican village, Sophie, her Great aunt Dika, Mr. Lorenzo (Dika’s boyfriend) and Angel (Mr. Lorenzo’s son) embark on a journey to reunite Pablo with his family. The novel recounts their adventures traveling through Mexico and war scarred Guatemala. During the trip, Sophie overcomes many of her fears by stepping outside of her shell. She learns to transform from a shy lonely “amoeba” to “Sophie La
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Sophie has a mother and a step-father that she can always talk to and support her, now Pablo had to watch his parents die in the hot desert along with many others. This is when Sophie is starting to realize less about herself and more of someone else. Also, when they all take Pablo back home Sophie meets a lot of new people but she is still slightly shy. One of the most interesting things happens to Sophie by Pablo’s “Abuelita” that cures Sophie of her problems the most. After the curing process was over Sophie feels lighter and feels better inside and out. Then, while Sophie is in Guatemala saving Angel a nurse at the hospital gives Sophie advice on life that she was once told as a young girl. Sophie is interested, “Death is at your side from the time your born, m’hija. You need to be friends with Death. That’s what makes you love Life. And when it’s your time to go, you won’t be scared. Because, m’hija, Death is your friend” (233). Sophie learns to not be scared or afraid of Death because the difference between life and death could be in the blink of an eye. Now, that she has more confidence and less to think about she focuses her attention toward Angel. So Sophie goes to the well-known old lady of Pablo’s village named Nola. Nola had once lost the love of her life because she let him go and wasn’t going to let Sophie make that mistake. Sophie lies down next to Nola and they got to talking and giggling, “Then she said the same phrase she’d


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