Jacksonian Dbq

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Jacksonian Democrats viewed themselves as the guardians of the United States Constitution, political democracy, individual liberty, and equality of economic opportunity. However, the Jacksonian Democrats were in a catch 22. In order for them to protect the interests of the common man, they at times had to violate the very things for which they stood. By doing this, the Jacksonian Democrats stressed the importance of the power of the common man, at times by violating their own principles.

The Jacksonian Democrats were guardians of the Constitution. However, if they had to violate it for the good of the common man, they did so. An example of this is the nullification in South Carolina. In the "Acts and Resolutions of South
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About 25% of the Indians traveling westward on foot died of exhaustion and not having the proper resources to sustain life throughout such a fatiguing expedition. This violated the Indians' individual liberty to their land, as well as violating the Constitution. Although the Jacksonian Democrats violated the Indians' individual liberty, they were also at times guardians of peoples' individual liberty. For example, Harriet Martineau, a British citizen, was amazed at what she saw when she came to America. According to "Society in America", Document D, Martineau raved about the absence of poverty in America and the independence of each and every citizen. She was also in awe of the fact that the people elected officials. The Jacksonian Democrats were also protectors of individual liberty in the Charles River Bridge v. Warren Bridge case in 1837. According to Chief Justice Roger B. Taney in Document H, there was a dispute over the property rights of the Charles Bridge and the Warren Bridge. The Charles Bridge was a monopoly of a corporation. The Warren Bridge on the other hand would help the entire community. The Supreme Court ruled in the favor of the Warren Bridge , stating that the common man's interests were more important than those of private, wealthy individuals' agendas. The Jacksonian Democrats were protectors of individual liberty when it was for the good of the