Punctuality and Time

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Punctuality is being on time or completing something on time. The main thing is time management. Time management is exercising control over the amount of time spent on activities or it is used to manage time when accomplishing specific tasks or goals. With this u can break time management it to categories like Time discipline adding a time limit and the Value of time.
Time discipline is the act of planning out time to do something and then sticking to the time u have set to do it or someone else has set for u to do and complete it in that set time. Time discipline can also be using your time wisely and not waiting till the last moment to do it. But allotting time and doing it in that time so you’re not rushed and so u make fewer
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There is a maxim "We should hold the time by the forelock". If we be punctual, a single second of us will never go waste. The English men are very punctual. They put on wrist-watches to exercise punctuality. But we, the Indian put on wrist-watches only as ornaments for show. We cannot progress. If we are not punctual. Punctuality helps us in our progress. It also saves money in other ways. There is a saying. "A stitch in time saves nine". So, if we take our food punctually, we will never be sick and so we will never have to spend money on medicines and doctors or to worry our near and dear ones in this connection. Everybody should be punctual in his everyday life. Every one should make a habit of punctuality. The people who have become great in their lives are very punctual. Punctuality is the first condition for becoming great in life. So, punctuality should be the motto in our life. We should not only be punctual ourselves but also advise others to be punctual. But when it comes to the military, certain things are just automatically expected of a person. One of the most important expectations is time management and being on time. Every day there are any number of places one is required to be at a certain time and as the saying goes if you aren’t fifteen minutes early then you are late. One may ask, why fifteen minutes though it may seem Extreme, when dealing with the numbers of people that are dealt with in the armed forces, allowances must


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