Principles of the Constitution

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April 21, 2013
Principles of the Constitution
POS 301

Part I: Principles of the Constitution | | DEFINITION | | Self-Government | A government in which the people who live in a place make laws for themselves. | In Massachusetts Bay, men who owned property could go to a town meeting and vote. | Separation of Powers | Power of the Constitution is divided among the three branches. | James Madison and the other authors of the Constitution created three branches to make sure that the government’s powers were limited. | Checks and Balances | A system that lets each branch limit the power of the other two. | No single branch or person had the power to run the United States alone. |

The U.S. Constitution is the
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House of Representatives. The bill then goes to a committee. The committee decides if the bill is worthy. After the committee and subcommittee have approved the bill, it is sent to the U.S. House of Representatives for debate. The bill is debated, changes may be made, and then it is voted on. If the majority of the representatives approve, the bill goes to the Senate. In the senate, the bill goes through the same process as the House of Representatives and it passes to the President. The President can sign, refuse to sign, or do nothing (pocket veto). If the bill passes both houses of Congress, is approved by the President, or overridden, it becomes a law. Do three branches of government act in a constructive way to promote the will of the people, or is it more like a stalemate? In theory, citizens would like to believe the branches act in a constructive way, but we see too much party line bickering, especially in the last few years. I think our level of trust in our system has eroded some, but not entirely. I think we stalemate more than we go by the will of the people. The will of the people would not have sent us to war in the Middle East. After Vietnam, I think the will of the people would have kept our military at home. On the other side, the government has lessened the power of the military and I think the people don’t want to see that happen, especially in the dangerous world we live in today.
Are the representatives of the people


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