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GOVT 2107 EXAM 1 TEST answers & solutions from actual Exam
#1 Did the framers of the Constitution believe that all policy decisions should be made by majority vote of the people? Select one:
a. Yes, because they thought that the citizens would not support policy decisions unless they were made by majority choice.
b. Yes, because they believed that most policy decisions should be made by wealthier, better educated people.
c. No, because they believed the minority was in a better position to make major policy decisions.
d. No, because they feared that the majority would make policy decisions that would silence the minority.
e. Yes, because they were advocates of direct democracy.
Feedback: The correct answer is: D) No, because
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partisan elections.
b. presidential elections.
c. gubernatorial elections.
d. judicial elections.
e. special elections.
Feedback: The correct answer is: B) presidential elections.

#5 Assume you are a member of the Texas legislature. Why would you probably be unlikely to support constitutional reform? Select one:
a. I am fearful that a new constitution might increase the power of the legislature.
b. My constituents are highly interested in and informed on aspects of constitutional reform but are in one of two fanatical and diametrically opposed camps on the issue; I do not want to offend either group.
c. My constituents are more interested in issues other than constitutional reform.
d. A new constitutional convention would be extensively covered by the news media and as a politician I do not like to be on TV.
e. I want to run for governor and a new constitution might give more power to the governor’s office and I do not want more political power.
Feedback: The correct answer is: C) My constituents are more interested in issues other than constitutional reform.

#6 When did the first attempt to revise the 1876 Constitution comprehensively occur?
Select one:
a. 1919
b. 1887
c. 1974
d. 1949
e. 1917
Feedback: The correct answer is: B) 1887

#7 The term of office of the Governor of Texas
Select one:
a. used to be four years but is currently two years.
b. has been four years since Texas was an


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