Political System of China

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Political System of China

Fundamental principles of Constitution

The People's Republic of China is a socialist country led by the working class, based on the worker-peasant alliance and practicing people's democratic centralism. The socialist system is the primary system in China.

The Constitution

The Constitution is the fundamental law of the state. It usually stipulates a country's social system and basic principles of state system, the basic principles of activities and organizations of state departments, and the basic rights and obligations of its citizens. Some constitutions also legalize the national flag, anthem, emblem, capital, and other systems that the government believes touches the lives of its citizens. The constitution
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This is the historic choice they made during the long-term cooperation and efforts with the CPC. All parties shall be based on the Constitution. Every political party is independent in terms of organization. They enjoy the rights of political freedom, organizational independence, and equality within the scope of the Constitution. The basic principles for CPC's cooperation with eight political parties are "long-term coexistence, mutual supervision, sincere treatment with each other and the sharing of weal or woe".

Chinese political parties are not parties in opposition but parties participating in the discussion and management of state affairs in cooperation with the CPC. They are mainly taking part in the consultation on major political issues and the choice of leaders of the state, the running of state affairs, and the deliberation and implementation of major policies, laws and regulations of the country.

Before a decision is made on the country's basic policies and important issues, the CPC will consult with the eight political parties and the non-party independent political personage for their suggestions and advice. The political parties and the non-party officials have their representatives in the state organs like the NPC, its Standing Committee, and its standing committee for special issue. This is the same in every level of the local People's Congress. As such, they can better exercise their supervisory role in their participation and discussion of


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