Mgt 301 Tha 3

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THA 3 1.) Unemployment rate for U.S. Citizens will decrease with immigrants gone if you would like to add anything to my answer you can a. Illegal immigration equals virtually free labor, worker are willing to work extra hard for very low pay in local low-skill jobs (farm, construction, etc) therefore many low-skill Americans are unemployed. Legal qualified immigrants increase more productivity and profitability than Americans with PhDs leaving many Americans in high demand job fields (business, internet, food, furniture, apparel, etc) unemployed. With immigrants gone Americans will have more job opportunities available without having to settle for less pay or benefits. b. (My answer)With so many positions now available …show more content…

3.) Prices will increase with immigrants gone f. Immigrants (legal) bring expertise, resources, and connects from foreign markets with them gone will lose those connections on cheaper production materials along with substantial savings and prices will have to increase to gain profit g. Immigrants (illegal) work for less and work harder with them gone will have to hire Americans who require minimum wage and then have to increases prices h. Immigrants create jobs (lower salaries > lower cost of production > less spending > more money left > higher demand > economic growth) with them gone all of this will increase and no money will be left unless prices increase

4.) Americans will become poorer with Immigrants gone since this is the answer you selected we needed more factual as to how they will become poorer based of the information in our slides, lectures, or book readings, this is what I discovered, if you are okay with this these are my opinions. I will still add your long run if you would like i. Prices for products will increase j. Less employment, although more Americans will have jobs with immigrants gone businesses, arts, sciences, and will no longer exist/run properly since they create many job opportunities therefore the economy will decrease k. Immigrants create jobs by creating