American Dream

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a. The impact cultures in North America have on the United States is that each region adapted the traditions and/or beliefs of those who settled in that area by maintaining dance, music, and crafts. Many English settlers did not respect the Native American cultures, and were seen as uncivilized and/or savages. Basically there was a clash of cultures, with new ideas pushing away old ways and mayor cultures oppressing others.

b. Immigration and migration shape the early United States, for example: The first person to be processed at Ellis Island was Annie Moore who arrived from Ireland on January 1, 1892. As the first immigrant Annie Moore was given a $10 gold piece. She soon
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The Civil Rights Movement and American Civil War, both involve the right to vote with the purpose that blacks rights to be treated as whites and other human beings instead of illegal aliens. They were segregated and basically forced back into slavery because instead of “Ownership” now the landowners offered to pay for their food/housing and they’d work it off, and they had a system to basically put the family in so much debt that they were enslaved to it. Some failures of Reconstruction was a lack of commitment from the Executive Branch of Government, lack of funding for long term changes such as education and enough troops to curb racial violence, fear from general white population about the changes that were to take place, causing massive resistance, and fueled radical groups, failure of the Supreme Court to uphold amendments to the constitution.

i. One important economic development in the United States between the colonial period and 1877 was the Industrial Revolution that more people lived in cities and worked in factories than ever before. Cities grew larger and more crowded, which prompted the rise of better transportation, land speculation, real estate boom. The standard of living rose. It was all about making things easier to mass-produce. From printing, to working with metals, to transporting good, to making parts for machines. Technology advanced at a rapid pace, however it made items more accessible at


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