Rossetta Inc

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Rossetta Stone Inc.

I. Current Situation

A. Current Performance

Proactive and aggressive potential for profit about Rosetta stone's growth, the language – learning industry produced over 83$ billion in consumer spending.

From 2004 to 2009, Rosetta Stone’s revenue increased from $25.4 million to $252.3 million, representing a 58% compound annual growth rate

B strategic posture

1. Misson

Rosetta Stone’s mission was to change the way people learn languages. The company blended language learning with technology at a time when globalization connected more and more individuals and institutions to each other & appropriate for Rosetta Stone to offer products like audio books or services in order to increase
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o explore opportunities in additional markets in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.


o various risks face user were exposed to as a result of Internet fraud

o corrupted software and software viruses.

o Strong competitions

o Increasing government regulation

Review of current Mission and objective

o current mission appears appropriate.

o the objectives for company are very cleared.

VI Strategic Alternatives and recommended strategy

Strategic Alternatives

1. growth through all over the world; increase the number of offices in more than one country.

a. {proc}: more growth in Asia & middle east

b. {cons}: Rossetta Stone have the financial resources to play this role and to increase its profit & planned to developed its international business

2. encourage customers & individuals to learn new languages and share marketing for learning new languages by using new methods such as phones , IPAD, mp3 player

{proc} Rossetta Stone may have to corporate with more technological companies

{Cons} this can increased its efficiency and performance more than the recent years, and get more customer from all over the world.

B. Recommended strategy

1. Looking forward to new product , technology, marketed and online services in order to increase the number