Police Supervision

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PSPOL – 212


FALL 2012
PSPOL – 212



Police Officer Jacob Goulde is a member of the Town of Utopia Police Department. He’s a married father of two. Officer Goulde has had a very good track record in the nine years he’s worked for the Utopia Police Department, but recently he’s been observed making careless mistakes and his behavior is increasingly disturbing to his supervisor, Sergeant
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Sometimes, Officer Shapiro’s slow manner of speaking and of working irritated his fellow officers and most of all Sergeant Wentworth, who needed him to respond a little more promptly to situations that needed attention. Officer Shapiro’s work attendance was fairly reliable though he never placed punctuality very high on his priority list. Shapiro’s absence last Monday however, caused a great deal of issues to his squad. Several officers had been sent to the Police Range for their firearms qualifications that left the squad short handed for road patrol. Shapiro didn’t call in until an hour after his shift was supposed to start, to say he wouldn’t make it in to work. Sergeant Wentworth had to cover his shift after speaking to Lieutenant Dunbar, who expressed his disappointment with Wentworth about his mismanaging his staff. Lt. Dunbar became even more infuriated when he learned that the tasks assigned to Sgt. Wentworth had not been completed. Sgt. Wentworth summoned Officer Shapiro to his office on Tuesday and advised him that this situation needs to be rectified or there would be a formal complaint filed against him.
Squad Z and Sergeant Wentworth are having serious issues with the work performance of Officer Shapiro and the issues that have risen because of his erratic work attendance. Officer Shapiro’s slow work demeanor presents a serious contrast between the fast pace work environment of his


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