Nicmar Ncp 21

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NICMAR Management in Organization NCP 21


Date: 12/4/2011 Submitted by Mohammed Zaki Mateen


The present project deals with the construction of a housing colony for an industrial group to be located in Western Maharashtra in a Costal belt. We have to construct a colony consisting of 10 bungalows for senior executives, 20 apartments in five buildings, 100 dwellings for white collar workers and 300 dwellings for blue collared workers. It is also proposed to construct a market and entertainment complex.

Scope of Work:

The project is development of an urban housing
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They are also responsible for handling the network. * Store Keeper: The store keeper handles the mobilization and de-mobilization of the store. They issues receipt on the delivery of the materials and verify the same. Proper storage of the material is handled by the storekeeper. They handle the stock of material that is required at the site. The storekeeper is responsible to issues different kind of materials on daily basis for the project to carry on smoothly. * Time Keeper: The time keeper is responsible for maintaining timesheet for the staff and laborer’s on daily basis. * Plant: The functions of the plant management are mobilization and de mobilization of the plant. It maintains records for the equipment’s used at the site. They follow up the performance of the planned equipment’s and hoists. They maintain coordination with project for equipment’s and other relevant resources. They provide feedback to project management by regular reporting. They provide assistance on all plant activities.

d. Planning Management: The main responsibility of the planning department is scheduling milestones, as illustrated: * Total scope of work using critical path analysis. * Major engineering deliverables. * Major procurement deliverables.
The planning management provides the detailed construction schedule using different methods such as: * CPM network logic diagram.